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"My collection is made up of more than 230 elements and it is the product of a research which me and my husband have been involved in for some decades of our lives. We have been searching for those evidences of culture from our region “Puglia” and that’s because of our devotion and true passion for our land and its own culture.

We have met men and women from our land who have gifted us their own thoughts and plans, even their evidence of culture, faith, life.

We have met tradesmen (antique dealers and second-hand dealers, …), arts experts, and politicians, they all interested into our work, and even many people who have made remarks when viewing our exhibitions or our catalogue because of the personal affective and historical value of glass bells.

This collection has been to me, and to Mrs De Venuto, object and incentive for a very great passion and for an active studying about cultural and artistic expressions into popular religious traditions.

Every single item has been preserved by me, year by year, by the signs of time owing to a conservation action based even on materials recovery which had never been conserved by the previous owners. I think of the great care to the very fragile blown glass – so thin!- , to the conservation of body parts and of clothes (fabric research, gold lace or lace embroidery, etc.)

The signs of times are now characterizing my days and my collection destination is of great care and interest in my future.

I wish my glass bells could be in a proper museum in order to give value to those small art-works and to give a forwarding destination to the popular religious message of supporting and witness.

I would like a private citizen to take the glass bell with the same motivation and deep interest which have characterized our research.

Unfortunately, all up-to-now-contacts (private citizens, political or religious institutions, etc.) have not guaranteed to me any proper destination and accommodation for the glass bells, and so the discouragement is so strong, even referring to the interest into culture which has been showed by them all!

So I raise the bid for an assignment of my collection on the conditions which will be issued by me in a private moment with an interested person.

I hope that this last wish of mine could give witness of part of the ancient local culture from Puglia region to people to come."


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